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Reiki Healing classes are available weekly and delivered over a weekend period = Friday nights 6pm - 9pm, Saturdays 10am - 4pm & Sundays 10am - 3pm

I provide training for Level 1, Level 2, and teacher training level. See details about the different levels below.

There are approximately 200 hundred hospitals in the United States where Reiki is offered as a standard service to patients. Many of the people in the hospitals using Reiki to treat patients are Doctors and Nurses, who have learnt the practice as they understand the benefits of a holistic approach to health.

Reiki healing can be applied to any illnesses (physical, mental or emotional), conditions or situations you may be experiencing with the effect of enhancing the creation of positive outcomes in your life. These might include: fatigue, anxiety, depression, study pressure, headaches, lack of life direction (vocational guidance), pain, menstrual issues, premenstrual syndrome, menopause, obesity, cancer, confusion, crisis etc.

Reiki works on the philosophy that all illnesses have causes, and it acts to remove these causes, restoring health and wellbeing. It is an extremely pleasant form of healing which increases your level of vitality (physically, mentally and emotionally), bringing strength to all these aspects of life.

If you are feeling “stuck” in life at any of these levels, reiki will give you the energy and the motivation to lift you out of being and help you to take the steps to deal with your situation - and move forward in life. Performing Reiki has often been connected to uncovering unknown abilities and talents - which may give new direction to life.

Alternative Therapy

Level 1 Reiki Workshops

Level 1 Reiki classes teach you how to perform healing for yourself and for others.


In the Reiki Level 1 training course, you will be attuned to the Reiki healing energy. You will be trained over a weekend - Friday night, Saturday & Sunday. Cost is $475.


During this time, you learn how to reliably access this power and the procedure for giving a treatment to yourself and others.

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Level 2 Reiki Workshops

Level 2 training is for those who have done the level 1 training and who want to progress further and increase their power in the use of the system. This involves the learning of and
use of symbols used in Reiki 2.

Many people that you know may not be nearby and may have illnesses or may be confronting situations that are challenging them and have no help where they are. Level 2 training teaches students how to send Reiki healing energy over distance to them so that these people can still
receive the benefit of healing. It also teaches how to use Reiki to deal with and transform specific life issues which
may be presenting.

There is no limit to the issues that you can send healing to. Reiki Level 2 healing provides a flexible tool for dealing with and transforming any problems or issues from personal problems to problems that may be confronting the world.

You will be trained over a weekend - Friday night, Saturday & Sunday. Cost is $475.

Reiki Therapy

Level 3 Reiki Workshops

Reiki level 3 or 'Teacher training' is for those who have learned both Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 and who have a strong motivation and commitment to learn how to train others in the use of this system.

You will be trained over a weekend - Friday night, Saturday & Sunday. Cost is $475.

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Your Teacher

My name is Stephen Fawcett. I have been a registered Chinese Medical Doctor for over 20 years, having originally studied Human physiology at Melbourne University. I have also worked and taught as a musculoskeletal therapist and teacher for over 30 years.


I have been using Reiki for 32 years and teaching Reiki for 29 years. The Reiki healing energy has supported, helped
and guided me in all my healing work and direction in that time, and I believe it will do the same for you. I am a Reiki Master (teacher) and have taught Reiki in Gernany, China and Australia. I look forward to working with you .

Reiki Treatment

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