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My early background came from doing an honors degree in Western Science (Human Physiology) at Melbourne University. Later, I completed a double degree at RMIT University (including  Nanjing University and Teaching hospital in China), where I became a Doctor of Chinese medicine. Before studying Chinese medicine, I also studied Western Massage and the Reiki system of healing.

I have always had an interest in teaching these systems to others and have worked as a Lecturer/Clinical Supervisor, as well as practitioner of these systems. Over the past 30 years, I have drawn on and explored these systems in the treatment of disease. My observation is: whatever the disease or condition is, we can modify or eliminate it by utilising 

the most appropriate treatment method or, if necessary, combinations of treatments.

Some people have conditions which can be corrected and eliminated in one treatment. Others have chronic or deeper conditions, which may require a course of treatment or even ongoing treatment. Each person's body is individual, and should be treated as such.

Chinese Medicine Herbs
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