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Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Your body and all of its systems (including your immune system) has a level of vitality which protects you from disease and powers all your mental and biological processes. In Eastern systems this vitality is called Qi. It is your vital energy that empowers your immune system to fight against diseases - such as viruses, bacteria and fungi. So it is the level of vital energy or Qi in your body that underpins your immune function.

The immune function both prevents disease-causing pathogens from entering the body, and also fights to eliminate them and their effects if they have entered the body. Because the immune system is reliant on the vital

energy of the body, we can empower our

immune function by Increasing our vital energy.

All power to sustain our lives on this planet comes from the sun (including all the stars we see in the sky at night, which are also suns). The infinite number of suns creates a sea of energy, which provides the power for all life and its processes. The oxygen that we breathe and the nutrients that we eat, all were created through this power. The plants that produce the oxygen that we breathe and the foods that we eat use this photonic energy to do so. This photonic energy comes through space and through our atmosphere to reach our planet.

Reiki healing is a simple easy to learn system for tapping into this energy (universal life-force) and filling your body/mind with it, to improve your vital power - which in turn strengthens all the systems in your body. It is an energy that builds you up and relaxes you, your body and your emotions - removing blockages and facilitating energetic flow and increasing your immune function, by providing vital power to your immune system. Reiki is a simple system which teaches us how to tap into this power, to absorb it into ourselves – to empower all the functional processes, repair and protective mechanisms in our bodies and minds.

As you use Reiki, you quickly notice changes - improvements in your vital energy and emotional wellbeing. As you use it in your daily practice, you notice the positive effects it brings to yourself and to the people you treat - and that the more you use it, the stronger it becomes. The positive feelings and sense of wellbeing that it brings is a reflection of improved function in our bodies. We feel better, lighter and more joyful - and the more we use it, the more we want to use it.

Many factors are challenging our immune functions these days. Plastics and other pollutants in our environments, increasing exposure to radiation, increasing stress caused by changed attitudes to life and many others. These things are invariably reducing our immune function and predisposing us to increasing disease incidences - future predictions of disease incidences are not encouraging.

We need to learn new ways if we are going to reverse these trends. Reiki has presented us with the possibility of helping to overcome these challenges. A positive counterforce which has come at the right time, to help strengthen the protective processes of our minds and bodies. You can learn very easily and quickly how to increase your life power, and to treat others to increase their life power.

There are three levels of using this energy...

The first level allows you to learn - in one night and two days - how to treat yourself and others directly.

The second level allows you to learn - in one night and two days - how to treat others at a distance. That is, how to send healing energy across distance. Distance is not a barrier to sending healing energy to anyone anywhere.

The third level of Reiki is for those who wish to teach...

The information contained within these blogs is not presented with the intention of diagnosing or prescribing, but is rather offered for educational purposes and for promoting health in co-operation with your physician. No responsibility is taken for the use of any of the information in these blogs without the co-operation of your physician. No guarantees are made concerning the effectiveness of any of the treatments described in the blogs on this site.

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